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New Price-More Options

Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness

New Price and More Options

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Our Firefighter Workout program, TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm is now available in an on-line only format.  We announced this exciting news last month with a private sale for our members, and are now ready to offer it publicly. Choose the best option for you below!

Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter FitnessFirefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness


TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm was designed for firefighters, by firefighters. The program will provide specific and comprehensive physical training to optimize occupational and recreational performance while focusing on recovery and injury prevention.
Firefighters that have completed the program report:

* Increased Strength and Power
* Improved Metabolic Conditioning
* More Dynamic Body Movement
* Greater Joint Range of Motion and Mobility
* Improved Coordination, Agility, and Body Control
* Enhanced Recovery
* Improved Body Composition
* Freedom from Pain
* Increased Resistance to Injury

For the price of one or two personal training sessions, you will have access to 3 months of periodized training.  This program provides detailed instruction for each workout 7 days a week.  Upon purchasing the program you will have instant access to:

* The First Alarm Training Manual
* Program Charts For Each Training Session
* Training Calendar
* Nutrition Guide
* The TACFIT Fire Fighter Compliance Scoring System and Calendar
* 114 Instructional Videos
* 59 Follow Along Videos
* Bonus Videos and Photos


Instant On-Line Only Access to the Entire Program for Just $69!


Instant On-Line Access and the Complete 8 Disc DVD Set for Only $99!


Purchase On-Line Access and the DVD Set Before November 11th and Receive Free Shipping On Your Order.


100% Money Back Guarantee.


Are you ready to take your firefighter fitness to the next level?


Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness

Firefighter Workout: Firefighter Level Sprawl – Tadpole

The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is The Tadpole. The Tadpole is the Firefighter Level Sprawl in the TACFIT Firefighter: First Alarm program. The Tadpole requires mobility through the hips to generate strength and move dynamically through a full range of motion.

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Firefighter Workout: Proby Level Sprawl – Burpee

The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is The Burpee. The Burpee is the Proby Level Sprawl in the TACFIT Firefighter: First Alarm program. This burpee is a little different than the 8 count burpee or the full push-up burpee that you have done before. The goal here is to engage the ground and return to your feet as quickly as possible while maintaining body structure. We want to maximize efficiency and minimize effort through proper structure and technique.

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Firefighter Workout: Recruit Level Sprawl – Mountain Climber



The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is the “Mountain Climber.”  The Mountain Climber is the Recruit Level Sprawl in the TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm program.  This exercise is a basic form of ground engagement and it will provide a foundation of skill as you build up to more dynamic movements in the Sprawl series.


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