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Have you tried the 4-day wave?

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I have been a fitness enthusiast for most of my life. I had a “go big or go home” approach to physical training for nearly 20 years. Well, that philosophy was great in my teens and twenties, but at age 40 I am left with the damage caused by this short sighted approach. I have had numerous surgeries and I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips at age 35. The battle to regain lost mobility and reduce chronic pain is fought daily. If I could go back in time and give one piece of advice to my younger self it would be this: “Recovery is the most important component of your physical training program.”

The 4-day wave is a physical training schedule created by Scott Sonnon to maximize performance and recovery through varied training intensity. This method of cycling intensity is the foundation of most CST and TACFIT programs, and can be incorporated into any physical training routine.

The 4 day cycle looks like this:

  •       Moderate Intensity: This is your dedicated strength training day. Your heart rate should not exceed 85% of heart rate maximum and your rating of perceived exertion should be 5-7 on a 10 scale.


  •       High Intensity: Metabolic conditioning and peak performance are emphasized on this day. Your heart rate should remain between 85 and 95% of heart rate maximum and your rating of perceived exertion should be 8-10 on a 10 scale.


  •       No Intensity: Strength training and metabolic conditioning can take a toll on joint health. “No intensity” joint mobility training is a critical component of active recovery.


  •       Low Intensity: Compensatory movement will help to further decompress joints and release muscular tension.  A critical component of recovery from previous training while priming your body for the next cycle of moderate and high intensity training.


We have provided a comprehensive workout that follows the “4-day wave” in our members area.  If you are a member, you have full access now.  If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here for full access.  This sample program will help you get a feel for the 4-day wave found in the TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm program.

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Physical Training for Emergency Responders: Revive-Survive-Thrive!



Firefighter Workouts | Primal Stress


Have you completed all 23 cycles of TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm and you are looking for another great program designed for emergency responders? Maybe you are just looking to try something different. Scott Sonnon has finally released his Primal Stress: Revive, Survive and Thrive Program.  Coach Sonnon has dedicated himself to improving the health and performance of firefighters, police officers, military personnel and other emergency responders that tend to sacrifice their own health and well being in the effort to serve others. He is making the program available at a discount price over the next few days.

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