Hey Guys, Ryan Here:

I have spent the past several years collecting a wide variety of “tactical” fitness equipment for the home gym in my basement. I use the word “tactical” to describe basic tools used to perform exercises that mimic common firefighting tasks. This collection of basic equipment provides me with all that I need to participate in a wide array of tactical fitness programs designed to improve occupational performance while preventing injury.

I wanted to share this with you, because if I can put this together in my basement, you can do the same in your fire station or home.

Here are a few specific benefits of the tactical gym:

  • I was able to quit my commercial gym saving more than $50 per month
  • The cost of all of the equipment pictured above was very manageable, especially as I pieced it together over time
  • Training at home is very convenient
  • I am able to train any time, day or night
  • The equipment requires little storage space
  • The exercises require little space to perform


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