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New Price-More Options

Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness

New Price and More Options

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* Now Offering On-Line Only Access for Just $69

* On-Line Access and the Complete 8 Disc DVD Set for the new, low price of  $99

* Free Shipping Through Sunday, November 11th

Our Firefighter Workout program, TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm is now available in an on-line only format.  We announced this exciting news last month with a private sale for our members, and are now ready to offer it publicly. Choose the best option for you below!

Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter FitnessFirefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness


TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm was designed for firefighters, by firefighters. The program will provide specific and comprehensive physical training to optimize occupational and recreational performance while focusing on recovery and injury prevention.
Firefighters that have completed the program report:

* Increased Strength and Power
* Improved Metabolic Conditioning
* More Dynamic Body Movement
* Greater Joint Range of Motion and Mobility
* Improved Coordination, Agility, and Body Control
* Enhanced Recovery
* Improved Body Composition
* Freedom from Pain
* Increased Resistance to Injury

For the price of one or two personal training sessions, you will have access to 3 months of periodized training.  This program provides detailed instruction for each workout 7 days a week.  Upon purchasing the program you will have instant access to:

* The First Alarm Training Manual
* Program Charts For Each Training Session
* Training Calendar
* Nutrition Guide
* The TACFIT Fire Fighter Compliance Scoring System and Calendar
* 114 Instructional Videos
* 59 Follow Along Videos
* Bonus Videos and Photos


Instant On-Line Only Access to the Entire Program for Just $69!


Instant On-Line Access and the Complete 8 Disc DVD Set for Only $99!


Purchase On-Line Access and the DVD Set Before November 11th and Receive Free Shipping On Your Order.


100% Money Back Guarantee.


Are you ready to take your firefighter fitness to the next level?


Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness

Clubbell Training for Firefighters

Clubbells are the Ultimate Fitness Tool

Strength, power, endurance, mobility, and injury prevention are just a few of the benefits awarded from Circular Strength Training with Clubbells.


The Clubbell can be found in all of our TACFIT programs due to it’s superior training effect.  Unlike any other training apparatus, the Clubbell’s design and use accelerates strength and athletic development.  The Clubbell also offers a more comprehensive training platform due to it’s Circular Strength Training ability as opposed to Linear Strength Training.  Not only does the Clubbell offer incredible, full body development but it is also the Number 1 Choice to use for a health first approach.


Clubbell Equipment


The simple design of the Clubbell offers a displaced center of mass which significantly increases the challenge of controlling and deploying with proper technique.  The more challenging, the more development for you.  The Clubbell does not offer the luxury of being balanced in the user’s hand, such as a dumbell or barbell.  The result is not only significant gains in grip and core strength, but an incredible full body workout.


The simple act of swinging a Clubbell creates tension on the body as opposed to the compressive forces found with conventional weight training.  Tension decompresses your joint capsules, strengthens muscle and connective tissue, improves elasticity and breaks down adhesions which hinder mobility.  Conventional weight training offers the reverse effect;  applying compressive forces, damaging joints, creating soft tissue trauma, focused development on fascia without proper attention/training for connective tissue.  As you can see, the Clubbell offers the most important benefit of all, a health first training tool.  The Clubbell has been referred to as the Fountain of Youth after training has alleviated pain, restored mobility, and increased strength and endurance.


Not only is the Clubbell important for firefighters, but anyone who wants to accelerate strength and athletic development with a health first approach.  Firefighters need to possess the ability to move through all ranges of motion with expressible strength to perform their job safely and efficiently.  Firefighters also need to take care of themselves and maximize career longevity and prevent injury.  A firefighter’s training program should also be functional and enhance their skill set as firefighters, not detract from them.  The Clubbell’s design and versatility make it a “must have” piece of training equipment for the firefighter.


The Clubbell is not only fun and challenging but it also provides all of the benefits required not only for an occupational athlete such as a firefighter, but anyone who is interested in being stronger and moving better.  Please enjoy the video  where you can view samples of Clubbell exercises and be sure to visit THE ORIGINAL CLUBBELL to learn more.

Free Fire Fighter Workout

TACFIT Fire Fighter is excited to offer another free workout!!

Have you been looking for a workout that your whole crew can perform at the same time without equipment? Do you want to challenge yourself and maximize your anaerobic training while having a great time? Step on up and give the Fire Station Workout a try.

We have provided follow along videos to take you through a thorough warm-up, an intense training session, and a comprehensive cool down. The workout follows our 20/10 X 8 protocol. You may recognize this as the Tabata protocol.

How it works:

  • Perform the warm-up
  • Pick an exercise and complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds of max effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. Rest for 1 minute and then repeat with the remaining exercises.
  • Perform the cool down.
  • 28 minutes later you hit the showers!

Existing members log in to access the program in the members area:


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    The spring CST Certification is coming up next weekend in Bellingham, WA. Coaches and athletes from around the world will gather to develop their knowledge and skills in Circular Strength Training. I was unable to attend last year, so I am really looking forward to participating this year. I wanted to push myself to achieve a personal best in the "Trial by Fire". I finished in just under 20 minutes at my initial certification. Men compete with 15 lb. Clubbells, and women compete with 10 lb. Clubbells. The Trial by Fire is comprised of three Clubbell exercises: Double Swipes - 100 reps Mills - 100 reps right handed and 100 reps left handed Hammer Swings - 50 reps in one grip, then 50 reps with the opposite grip in the other direction My goal was to complete the Trial by Fire and have enough time left to complete 100 quad sprawls before hitting the 20 minute mark. Here is my training journal: Cycle 1: TBF 19:15 + 21 quad sprawls Cycle 2: TBF 19:31 + 14 quad sprawls Cycle 3: TBF 17:00 + 60 quad sprawls Cycle 4: TBF 15:56 + 81 quad sprawls Cycle 5: TBF 14:45 + 96 quad sprawls Cycle 6: TBF 14:56 (no sprawls) Cycle 7: Check out the video below....................... Trial By Fire Ryan Provencher CST Instructor TACFIT Team Leader ryantfff@gmail.com www.tacfitfirefighter.com