The spring CST Certification is coming up next weekend in Bellingham, WA. Coaches and athletes from around the world will gather to develop their knowledge and skills in Circular Strength Training.

I was unable to attend last year, so I am really looking forward to participating this year. I wanted to push myself to achieve a personal best in the “Trial by Fire”. I finished in just under 20 minutes at my initial certification. Men compete with 15 lb. Clubbells, and women compete with 10 lb. Clubbells. The Trial by Fire is comprised of three Clubbell exercises:

Double Swipes – 100 reps

Mills – 100 reps right handed and 100 reps left handed

Hammer Swings – 50 reps in one grip, then 50 reps with the opposite grip in the other direction

My goal was to complete the Trial by Fire and have enough time left to complete 100 quad sprawls before hitting the 20 minute mark. Here is my training journal:

Cycle 1: TBF 19:15 + 21 quad sprawls
Cycle 2: TBF 19:31 + 14 quad sprawls
Cycle 3: TBF 17:00 + 60 quad sprawls
Cycle 4: TBF 15:56 + 81 quad sprawls
Cycle 5: TBF 14:45 + 96 quad sprawls
Cycle 6: TBF 14:56 (no sprawls)
Cycle 7: Check out the video below…………………..

Trial By Fire

Ryan Provencher
CST Instructor
TACFIT Team Leader