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Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness

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Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter FitnessFirefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness


TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm was designed for firefighters, by firefighters. The program will provide specific and comprehensive physical training to optimize occupational and recreational performance while focusing on recovery and injury prevention.
Firefighters that have completed the program report:

* Increased Strength and Power
* Improved Metabolic Conditioning
* More Dynamic Body Movement
* Greater Joint Range of Motion and Mobility
* Improved Coordination, Agility, and Body Control
* Enhanced Recovery
* Improved Body Composition
* Freedom from Pain
* Increased Resistance to Injury

For the price of one or two personal training sessions, you will have access to 3 months of periodized training. This program provides detailed instruction for each workout 7 days a week. Upon purchasing the program you will have instant access to:

* The First Alarm Training Manual
* Program Charts For Each Training Session
* Training Calendar
* Nutrition Guide
* The TACFIT Fire Fighter Compliance Scoring System and Calendar
* 114 Instructional Videos
* 59 Follow Along Videos
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Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness

Firefighter Injury Prevention: Myo-Fascial Release

Injury prevention and proper recovery are critical components of any comprehensive tactical fitness program. Sacramento Fire Department Strength and Conditioning Coach John Hofman demonstrates use of the foam roll to help firefighters reduce back pain and prevent injuries:

Foam Roll Myo-Fascial Release

You will find more great information from Coach Hofman at www.firefighterfitnessonline.com.

Tactical Fitness: The Quad Press

The tactical fitness exercise demonstration this week is the quad press.  This movement is a great way for firefighters to train ground engagement.  Firefighters often work low to the ground in high heat conditions.  The quad press helps develop strength low to the ground.  It also trains your body to absorb force.  Catching yourself after a fall forward for example.

The Warm Up: The Hitchhiker

The Training Exercise: The Quad Press

The Compensatory Movement: Seal


Check out the instructional video:


Tactical Fitness: The Trinity Squat


The tactical fitness exercise demonstration this week is the trinity squat.  This movement is vital to firefighters.  The coaching cues for the trinity squat can also be applied to lifting on the fire ground or picking up patients.

The Warm Up: Hip Swing – Front to Back

The Training Exercise: The Trinity Squat

The Compensatory Movement: Backward Bend


Check out the instructional video:


Tactical Fitness: The Front Lunge


In the coming weeks, we will be featuring simple, tactical exercises that are relevant to firefighters.  These exercises will be body weight only, simple to perform at the fire station and they can be done as a crew or as an individual.

The exercise featured this week is the front lunge.  This exercise is relevant to firefighters because it is similar to movement patterns used in climbing stairs and ladders.  It is a tactical movement when performed properly, as it trains you to maintain footing in challenging situations.  For example, pulling a pre-connect to the front yard of a house that has wet grass or uneven terrain.

The Warm Up: Knee to Chest/Heel to Glute

The Training Exercise: The Front Lunge

The Compensatory Movement: Pigeon


Take a look at the instructional video: