TACFIT FireFighter Workouts Equipment



TACFIT Fire Fighter programs utilize a wide array of resistance equipment, some of which you may not currently have access to.  Although the exercises have been selected with specific tools in mind,  most of them may be performed with alternative pieces of equipment depending on what you have available.

We recognize that most fire departments are operating on a tight budget. We have put together several “TACFIT” packages based on specific personnel needs and available funding.  Build on what you currently have to create your own “tactical fitness facility” at your fire station or home.

We have compiled a tiered list of recommended tactical equipment and established discounts for our customers.  We use two providers to supply all of our personal equipment and we have provided the links to their websites below.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding equipment for your personal use or to outfit your fire station/department.

The two vendors for TACFIT Fire Fighter are:

RMAX International

Discount:  15%



Perform Better

Discount:  10%

Code: TFFF10


Most of the equipment you will need is provided by Perform Better.  Please use the discount code TFFF10 unless noted otherwise.  Any product from RMAX will be labeled as such, and the discount code TACFITFF will apply.


Recommended TACFIT Fire Fighter



Level I:  Full participation in First Alarm with the use of more basic equipment for alternative exercises:

Approximate cost:  $500 per station


Level II:  Full participation in First Alarm as designed:

Approximate cost:  $1000 per station


Level III:  Full participation in First Alarm as designed and also provides adequate equipment for future TACFIT Fire Fighter programs.  A complete tactical package:

Approximate cost:  $2000 per station