TACFIT FireFighter Free Workouts


We are excited to offer you free exercise tutorials for your enjoyment. All of the free, firefighter workouts have been designed to enhance your occupational fitness and to provide a glimpse of what we provide in First Alarm. Inside our members’ area you will find a video library of exercise demonstrations, warm-ups, cool-downs, complete program follow along videos, how to explanations, as well as detailed charts for logging your progress. If you are not already a member it’s as easy as completing the form below and then receiving instant access to the free members’ area.

What our Members are saying:

The free workouts are what got me to purchase Tacfit FF. I still use the joint mobility and compensation when I don’t have time to do the full versions. I also use the Combat Challenge workout, often done in gear, as a good substitute for other 90x30x2 workouts.

I’ve followed the Clubbell Full Body Workout. It’s great workout and helped me understand better how to work with heavy clubs. Especially, I felt a significant difference in my shoulder mobility. Also, the video about loaded carries helped me make my farmer walk better. And the post about squat mechanics really opened my eyes about what I was doing wrong in my squat.

I think your products and workouts are excellent – some of the best in the industry. I consider them reference material that will accompany me through my lifetime.

So far they are great, some of them looked easy but once I tried it, I saw otherwise.

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Current Programs in our Free Members Area:

  • Firefighter Performance: Strength/Endurance Workout #1

  • TACFIT Firefighter Challenge

  • TACFIT India

  • Fire Station Workout

  • Firefighter Combat Challenge

  • Joint Mobility

  • Compensatory Movement


Thank you for your interest and please feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you need help with any of the exercises or if there is something specific you would like to see in the future.