Implementing TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm Into Your Fire Department


Our mission is to improve firefighter fitness and health through physical training and healthful nutrition.  To achieve this goal, we are committed to  providing access to TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm to firefighters worldwide.

First Alarm has been designed to meet the needs of:

  • The individual firefighter
  • To be used in a group with different levels of strength & conditioning.  i.e. the entire crew or station can train together with the same program and meet the individual training needs of all participants
  • To be used by the training division as the recruit academy fitness program



  • The department may purchase one TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm DVD set per station for $75 each.  We will provide the electronic download link containing all of the program manuals and charts to be distributed to all department members.


  • This does not include web based access and as a result will not provide your members with 24/7 access, both on and off duty.  Due to the expense of streaming videos online, we are unable to provide department wide web access.


  • To meet our goal of providing First Alarm to each member, we will extend the sale price to firefighters in your department for 30 days from the date of purchase.  The individual price will be $75 for members.  Members may purchase their own dvd set, as well as a premium membership to our site, providing 24/7 access both on and off duty.


Please contact us for more information in regards to department purchasing.



TACFIT Fire Fighter