TACFIT FireFighter Workout


Fire Department Resources

Below you will find a number of resources that may be helpful in implementing and administering a formal Fitness & Wellness Program in your fire department.  Please view the information and feel free to use any and all of the material.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further assistance in developing your Fire Department Fitness & Wellness Program.


I.  Implementing a Fire Department Fitness & Wellness Program

     A.  Firefighter Medical Examinations

          i.  Sample Policy Language

          ii.  Sample Union Contract Language

          iii.  Sample Firefighter Medical Exam

     B.  Firefighter Fitness Testing

          i.  Sample Fitness Testing Form

          ii.  Sample Policy Language

          iii.  Sample Union Contract Language

     C.  Firefighter Combat/Air Management Course

          i.  Sample Firefighter Combat/Air Management Course

     D.  Proposal to Implement a Fire Department Health & Wellness Program.

i.  Sample Proposal

ii.  Firefighter Fatalities NFPA 2010

iii. Firefighter Injuries NFPA 2010

iv.  2005 NIST Study:  Economic Consequences of Firefighter Injuries


II.  Implement TACFIT Fire Fighter:  First Alarm in your department.

     A.  Implement First Alarm


III.  Set up a TACFIT Fire Fighter training facility at your fire station.

     A.  Details and contact info to help you design a custom training facility that meets your budget and training needs.


IV.  Set up a TACFIT Fire Fighter:  First Alarm Seminar in your area.

     A.  Sample Seminar Flyer

     B.  Contact for details