UAE International 911 Firefighter Challenge 2013

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One of the most exciting components of the 2013 Intersec Fire Expo in Dubai was the 4th annual, UAE International 911 Firefighter Challenge. The course was set up at the main entrance to the conference and the competition was run over two days.

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Fire Station Visit in Dubai




Firefighter Fitness in Dubai


Firefighter Workout | Firefighter Fitness


On our recent trip to Dubai, we had the opportunity to tour their newest fire station to provide an analysis of their current firefighter workout equipment and identify any future needs they may have. One thing we all know but something we have witnessed first hand in our travels, no matter where you are in the world, firefighters are one big family! We were greeted warmly and invited in with open arms. We were provided the VIP tour and we all shared common firefighting experiences. Needless to say, visiting a fire station in Dubai is quite different than visiting the fire stations in our little corner of the US. We have shared some images to provide a glimpse of the Dubai Fire Department.


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Officer’s quarters




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Crew Quarters






Firefighter Workout | Firefighter Fitness

 40,000 Liter Tender Truck




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Pumper Truck equipped with rubber hose and British couplings





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 The walk in command vehicle








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The day room with a painted mural of Dubai, built in leather couch, and marble flooring.





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Training room with theater seating, projection screen, and surround sound audio.





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The 4th floor observatory/command center. In the event of a large incident, the observatory tower is equipped for the chief’s to set up a remote command post and run the incident from a controlled environment with a bird’s eye view of the incident.




Dubai had several unique pieces of apparatus to deal with the traffic of the city and the desert environment. The one apparatus that we did not have a chance to view, but heard a great deal about, was their corvette outfitted with extrication equipment, allowing them to respond to the scene of the accident Very Fast and begin a rapid extrication.

Firefighter Workout | fire fighter FitnessFirefighter Workout | fire fighter FitnessFirefighter Workout | fire fighter FitnessFireFighter Workout | fire fighter FitnessFirefighter Workout | fire fighter Fitness









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TACFIT Fire Fighter Visits Dubai

Firefighter Fitness in Dubai

Several months ago, TACFIT Fire Fighter was contacted by 911 Fire Safety & Occupational Training based out of Dubai, UAE. They were in the process of researching and developing a comprehensive Health & Wellness Program to implement into the fire service throughout the Gulf Region.  They discovered TACFIT FireFighter and realized that we had already designed a comprehensive, step by step, health & wellness program that met all of their needs.  Everything they were looking for was found in one place; from detailed medical exams and contract/policy language to biannual fitness assessment and a comprehensive fitness program for firefighters to participate in.

911 quickly moved to bring us in as partners in their quest to improve firefighter fitness and health. They secured our travel arrangements and brought us to Dubai to participate in the Intersec Fire Expo and present our services to the Dubai Ministry of Civil Defense. This was a first step in what we believe will be a strong partnership with 911, and we look forward to implementing firefighter health & wellness programs throughout the Gulf Region.

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Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter FitnessIntersec is a prominent conference and trade show focusing on fire protection, law enforcement, security, and industrial health and safety. Intersec 2013 was opened by HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The 2013 edition featured 990 exhibitors from 54 countries and was close to 10% larger than the previous year, building on its reputation as the most significant trading platform and networking event for security and safety professionals in the Middle East.


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It was an honor to represent TACFIT at Intersec and we were very fortunate to have the opportunity to visit such a beautiful city and create bonds with many of the people we met. In the coming weeks we will be sharing some of our experiences with you and introducing you to some of the people that we met. We look forward to announcing our return to the UAE in the near future.



Christian & Ryan


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Firefighter’s Call To Action

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Firefighters Battle Cardiovascular Disease

January is the time of year that many of us give a little more thought to where we have been and where we are going.  What goals have we set and which goals did we reach?  For many people, physical fitness is something that seems to be high on the list of things to improve.  Physical fitness is an important part of how we look and how we feel.  For firefighters, it is much more than that.  For us, it is critical to performance in the line of duty and may play a key role in our very survival.


Each year more than 50% of firefighter line of duty deaths are caused by sudden cardiac death.  Recent studies indicate that cardiovascular disease combined with the physiological effects of firefighting may be the catalyst for this deadly affliction.


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The good news is that if we know what is causing sudden cardiac death in firefighters, we can take steps to prevent it.  Making lifestyle changes to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease while training our bodies and minds to mitigate the physiological stress of firefighting can greatly reduce our risk of sudden cardiac death.


It Is Time To Take Action!

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Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself:


“Am I doing all that I can to optimize my performance as a firefighter and reduce my risk of sudden cardiac death?”

Is your honest answer “Yes?”

We owe it to ourselves, our families, and the communities that we serve, to do all that we can to optimize performance and reduce our risk of injury and death.

Take a look at the 10 basic lifestyle changes listed below. Give yourself one point for the actions that you are currently taking.  What is your score?  A perfect 10 indicates that you are probably very healthy and performing at a high level now.  A score of 5 indicates that you are currently doing a lot to maintain your health and fitness, but there is definitely room for improvement.  If you scored less than 5 you may be at risk for poor performance, injury and sudden cardiac death.


Checklist For Firefighter Fitness and Health

  1. Participate in a comprehensive annual medical exam.
  2. Participate in a physical fitness assessment conducted by a qualified fitness specialist twice a year.
  3. Eat healthy meals at least 80% of the time.
  4. Keep a nutrition journal so you can track what you eat and make changes as necessary.
  5. Participate in a specific and comprehensive firefighter fitness program.
  6. Wear a heart rate monitor to confirm that you are training at the proper intensity.
  7. Keep an exercise log so you can track your progress.
  8. Maintain a body fat percentage below 15% for men and 22% for women.
  9. Monitor stress in your life and develop strategies to relieve stress.
  10. Maintain healthy relationships with family and friends.



If you take steps toward completing the list above you will see the following benefits:


  • Your occupational performance will improve


  • Your recreational performance will improve


  • Your risk for injury will be reduced


  • Your risk for sudden cardiac death will be reduced



No one can make these changes for you.  You must take action yourself.  Are you up to the challenge?