Tactical Fitness: The Quad Press

The tactical fitness exercise demonstration this week is the quad press.  This movement is a great way for firefighters to train ground engagement.  Firefighters often work low to the ground in high heat conditions.  The quad press helps develop strength low to the ground.  It also trains your body to absorb force.  Catching yourself after a fall forward for example.

The Warm Up: The Hitchhiker

The Training Exercise: The Quad Press

The Compensatory Movement: Seal


Check out the instructional video:


TacFit FireFighter Training Opportunity

There is still time to enroll in our upcoming training event this July 23-24 with Mohawk Valley RFD.


TACFIT Firefighter (Marcola)


When:  Jul 23 – 24, 2011
Where:  Mohawk High School 38300 Wendling Rd, Marcola 97454 (map)

Description Course Overview:  This course will consist of classroom discussion and physical training. The classroom discussion topics include the physiological demands of firefighting, preventing sudden cardiac death, comprehensive fitness for firefighters, shortcomings of popular exercise programs, and firefighter nutrition. The physical training will include moderate intensity strength training, high intensity metabolic conditioning, no intensity joint mobility, and low intensity compensatory movements.


When:  July 23-24, 2011 0800-1700

Where:  Mohawk High School 38300 Wendling Rd, Marcola 97454


Christian Carson – Fire Captain, CST Coach, TACFIT Division Chief

Ryan Provencher – Fire Captain, CST Instructor, TACFIT Division Chief

Kelly LaBounty – Fire Department Health & Wellness Coordinator, CST Instructor,TACFIT Field Instructor, CrossFit Level I, ACE CPT


Class Size:  24 student maximum

Cost: $35 – lunch included


Katy Johnson, Training Officer Mohawk Valley RFD



Tactical Fitness: The Trinity Squat


The tactical fitness exercise demonstration this week is the trinity squat.  This movement is vital to firefighters.  The coaching cues for the trinity squat can also be applied to lifting on the fire ground or picking up patients.

The Warm Up: Hip Swing – Front to Back

The Training Exercise: The Trinity Squat

The Compensatory Movement: Backward Bend


Check out the instructional video:


Tactical Fitness: Push Plank Knee

The tactical fitness exercise demonstration this week is called push plank knee.  This exercise is very comprehensive in that it combines pushing movement, pulling movement and core activation.

The Warm Up: Backstroke Shoulder Rotation

The Training Exercise: Push Plank Knee

The Compensatory Movement: Downward Facing Dog





Take a look at the instructional video:

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