Exercise of the Week: The Spiderman Crawl



The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is the “Spiderman Crawl.”  The Spiderman crawl is a comprehensive and dynamic body weight movement that develops core strength and movement efficiency for ground engagement. It requires no equipment, very little space, and  is an excellent exercise to include in your firefighter workout to increase flexibility, open the hips, increase strength & power through a new range of motion, and develop the movement patterns to safely and efficiently operate from the ground.



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Firefighter Workout: Plow

The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is “Plow.” This is one of the compensatory movements that we use quite a bit to relieve posterior tension. Firefighters often carry tension through the back, glutes and hamstrings due to the protective equipment that we wear and the nature of the work that we do. If left unchecked, this chain of tension can hamper mobility, available strength and power, as well as lead to chronic pain and even injury.

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Firefighter Workout: Kettlebell Figure 8

The Firefighter Workout installment this week is the Kettlebell Figure 8. The Figure 8 is a great addition to any firefighter workout and will develop leg drive, hip recruitment, and core activation. These are the same key, structural components required to perform any firefighter related task.

Proper lifting and movement technique is critical in preventing acute injuries and chronic pain. The Kettlebell Figure 8 will develop a proper lifting stance as well as enhance movement patterns to safely and efficiently move while weighted with gear and carrying equipment.

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FireFighter Workout: Basic Spinal Rock


For this week’s Firefighter Workout installment, we are introducing the Spinal Rock.   The Basic Spinal Rock is a great exercise for firefighters to improve mobility in the spine and develop core strength through a full range of motion.

Back injuries are one of the most common reported injuries in the fire service and as a result, your Firefighter Workout must include functional, core strengthening exercises for proper injury prevention.

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