Firefighter Workout: Recruit Level Sprawl – Mountain Climber



The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is the “Mountain Climber.”  The Mountain Climber is the Recruit Level Sprawl in the TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm program.  This exercise is a basic form of ground engagement and it will provide a foundation of skill as you build up to more dynamic movements in the Sprawl series.


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FREE: Scott Sonnon’s “RECUPER8” Program

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This week we have a special Firefighter Workout installment. Scott Sonnon has created a comprehensive and specific joint mobility/active recovery program for tactical responders. This program may be used daily to improve joint mobility and health, or it may be used specifically as a warm-up for physical activity. Recovery from stress (mental/physical/emotional) is the single most important aspect of long term health and peak performance for firefighters. The “RECUPER8” program can be incorporated into any regular exercise program. Please take advantage of this free gift:


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Firefighter Workout: Side Semi


The Firefighter Workout installment this week is the Side Semi. The Side Semi is another great addition to any firefighter workout and will help develop leg drive, hip recruitment, and core activation. These are the same key structural components required to perform many firefighter related tasks such as hose deployment and forcible entry.

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First Alarm Seminar: Roseburg Fire Department


The TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm Seminar is a 2-day course consisting of classroom discussion and varied intensity physical training.  Special thanks to the Roseburg Fire Department for hosting us this week.


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