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Firefighter workouts must be designed to improve firefighter fitness while reducing the risk of injury and sudden cardiac death. Our mission is to design specific and comprehensive physical training programs that will optimize occupational performance and prepare us for the challenges we face in the line of duty.

More than 50% of firefighters dying each year in the line of duty are succumbing to a cardiac event. Thousands of firefighters are injured on the job each year, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars. We strive to reduce the risk of injury and death through varied intensity firefighter physical training and Fire Department Health and Wellness programming. We are dedicated to helping firefighters perform at a high level, avoid injury, and return home safely after each shift.


Firefighter Workouts


Fire Captains Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher created TACFIT Firefighter to provide comprehensive health and fitness programs that augment the occupational training of firefighters. All of our firefighter fitness programs are based on the principals of Circular Strength Training, providing a holistic and health first approach. Not all programs are created equal and many of the workouts used by firefighters around the world were developed for sport specific or general physical preparedness. These programs do not meet the unique needs of the modern day firefighter.

Exercises included in our firefighter fitness programs have been reversed engineered from specific firefighter tasks. These firefighter workouts will develop strength, power, metabolic conditioning, dynamic body movement, and mobility while placing a high priority on recovery and injury prevention.

TACFIT FIREFIGHTER is kindred to TACFIT, a metabolic conditioning program created by Coach Scott Sonnon. Law Enforcement Agencies, Martial Artists, MMA Fighters, and Elite Military Units around the world have been utilizing TACFIT programs to enhance occupational performance for many years. We have applied the principles of TACFIT and CST to develop fitness programs specific to firefighters.

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Meet Our Team:

Christian Carson

sandbag lungeChristian Carson has been a member of the Bellingham Fire Department since 2002 and has served as a fire captain since 2008. Christian is a certified Circular Strength Training Coach and a TACFIT Division Chief.

I have always held fitness as a priority in my life, especially as a firefighter, to improve performance, safety and longevity. I’ve experienced a great deal of success employing many different modalities: running, bodybuilding, Core Performance, Crossfit, etc. It wasn’t until I was introduced to TACFIT that my fitness level soared.

TACFIT enabled me to reach levels I had never before considered achievable. My strength, power and conditioning exploded. I recorded my highest VO2 % after training with TACFIT for just one year. Keep in mind that my previous VO2 % had been my highest ever after just completing a marathon. I trained with TACFIT exclusively, 40-60 minutes a week for the next year and it increased! Expressible strength, greater mobility and fluidity in movement all made dramatic improvements. I have been injury free and have continued to reach new highs in my training since adopting TACFIT as my training program of choice.

I have spent the last decade dedicated to training and studying with TACFIT’s creator Coach Scott Sonnon. As a result, I have learned not only how to improve and build on my own training but how to design any specific program using the intellectual principles used in TACFIT. I am very excited to apply this knowledge and offer you training and support in your quest for improved fitness.


Ryan Provencher


Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter FitnessMy passion for physical fitness began at a young age. I Idolized action heroes such as Stallone and Schwarzenegger. I started lifting weights with my dad in our garage at age 13 and I embraced the body building mentality. The word “mobility” was not in my vocabulary. I was able to achieve great gains in strength and size. Unfortunately for me, these attributes did not translate into improved athleticism. My fitness level was measured by the amount of weight that I could bench press.

When I reached my 30s, I developed a number of joint problems. I had already undergone five surgeries, and I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips at age 35. I had tremendous limitations in my mobility and I was in pain most of the time. In 2005, I had the good fortune of meeting Scott Sonnon. My whole outlook on fitness changed. My career as a fire fighter was in jeopardy and I recognized the need for a more comprehensive fitness program.

Coach Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training and TACFIT programs have helped me get into the best shape of my life. I have increased functional strength and the multi-planar movements have helped me develop better overall athleticism. My aerobic capacity has soared and my body fat percentage has dropped significantly. My regular practice of joint mobility exercises and compensatory yoga has greatly improved my range of motion and eliminated the pain that I dealt with for so many years.

I plan to share what I’ve learned with fire fighters around the world. TACFIT Fire Fighter has been designed to develop the physical attributes that we require to do our job at a high level and remain injury free. I can’t wait to hear your success stories!


Ryan has a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (Exercise Science Emphasis) and a Minor in Nutrition from Washington State University. He serves as a Fire Captain/fitness trainer with the Bellingham Fire Department and he is a TACFIT Division Chief/CST Instructor.


Kelly LaBounty


Firefighter Workouts | Firefighter Fitness

Kelly LaBounty is a Health and Wellness Coordinator/Personal Trainer for North Whatcom Fire and Rescue. She has held this position with NWFIRS for the past 4 1/2 years. Kelly is solely responsible for the medical and physical fitness needs for approximately seventy operational fire fighters and fire district personnel.

I have always been very involved and driven when it comes to health and physical fitness. As a child I grew up with a background in dance which eventually evolved into group fitness classes, resistance training and eternal sweat sessions of cardio on the treadmill or elliptical. I turned into the true definition of a “gym rat.” I look back and remember very few times where I ever fell off the “gym wagon” but I do recall many times looking for workouts that were more effective, time efficient and fun. Nine years ago I chose to turn my passion for physical fitness into a career. Somewhere between my first and second pregnancies it struck me that I could do something that I love for a career. I became a certified personal trainer and owned m own business working independently out of a local Gold’s Gym for five years. During this time I was fortunate to build and amazing career and clientele. Throughout this time the “functional fitness” concept really started to take flight and as a trainer I was ecstatic to see some competition for the conventional and time consuming training. The ability to accomplish overall body strength training in a functional manner with metabolic conditioning was exactly what I was looking for.

When I took the position as a fire district trainer I decided to educate myself as much as possible on the duties and physical aspects of firefighting so that I could train the firefighter to do their job to the best of their ability, keeping health and safety as a priority. Throughout this process I kept coming back to their need to be functionally fit to do the duties of their job. Firefighters need to be trained similar to elite athletes or military personnel, they need to be prepared for anything. I make it my mission to learn all I could about the different functional fitness styles and concepts. I dug deep into learning Core Performance, Crossfit and different boot camp styles. Throughout this process I stumbled upon and registered for a TACFIT certification class on a whim. Although I had no experience with the Circular Strength Training concept and the use of clubbells I literally jumped in and haven’t jumped out! In nine years of being a professional in the fitness industry, TACFIT, in my opinion, provides the most comprehensive fitness program available. It’s unique ability to tap into the essential mobility warm up, compensatory cool down and appropriate muscle recovery is unbelievable for not only growth but injury prevention as well. I have fun full and half marathons for the past six years and my strength, speed and stamina have all personally improved throughout the use of this program. I have had the honor of training with and learning from Coach Scott Sonnon, the creator of TACFIT, to educate myself on joint mobility, Circular Strength Training, compensatory movements and the science behind TACFIT. Personally and professionally for the firefighters I train, I support and believe in the benefits that TACFIT has to offer as a fully comprehensive program. Good by to conventional resistance training and long cardio sweat sessions……….HELLO TACFIT!

Kelly is a Certified Personal Trainer and Weight and Lifestyle Management Counselor through American Council on Exercise. She is a Level 1 Crossfit Certified Instructor, a TACFIT Certified Field Instructor, and a CST Instructor.