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We would like to recognize Andy J. as the most recent TACFIT Fire Fighter: Featured Athlete.

Andy logged:

  • 173 Training Days
  • 80% Program Compliance
  • Tremendous Results
  • No Injuries

Take a look at his progress in high intensity training over the course of the program:


Cycle Month 1 

Recruit Level

Total Score

Month 2 

Proby Level

Total Score

Month 3 

Proby to Firefighter Level

Total Score

Month 4 

Up to Smoke Eater Level

Total Score

 TFFF Challenge 20 – R 20 -P  N/A N/A
1 – Protocol 1 27 – R 22 – R 20 – R 16 – SE
2 – Protocol 2 264 – R 216 – P 170 – P 158 – FF
3 – Protocol 3 17 – R 18 – R 20 – R 9 – FF
4 – Protocol 4 6 – R 5 – P 5 – P 5 – FF
5 – Protocol 5 155 – R 110 – P  114 – P 90 – FF
6 – Protocol 6 09:55 – R Time Out / 20 minutes expired – R 18:40 – R 18:32 – FF
7 – TFFF Challenge 20 – R 20 – P  18 – FF 16 – SE

 R – Recruit (Level 1), P – Proby (Level 2), FF – Fire Fighter (Level 3), SE – Smoke Eater (Level 4)

Notable program benefits for Andy include:

  • Increased flexibility (through strength/ surrender, not tissue stretching).
  • Enhanced mobility.
  • Extreme range strength.Andy Side Semi
  • The ability to freely move in 3D (twisting, turning, pitching, swaying etc).
  • Dramatic decrease in the potential for injury.
  • Ability to rapidly recover both physically and mentally from life’s challenges.
  • Improved posture and poise.
  • Learning new movements (aka exercises) will become easier.
  • Zero boredom.
  • Higher intuitive awareness (body, work/recovery ratios and intensity output).
  • Increased coordination and ease of movement.
  • Being challenged, interested, motivated while having fun training.




Here is what Andy had to say about his training experience with TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm:
“My name is Andy and I am 43 years old. I was born and bred in North London, England but am now based in the beautiful sea city of Dalian, China.

In a previous life I was an International Business Development Manager for a UK telecommunications company. While working in Germany I met my wife, fell in love and gave up my career so that we both could be together. To cut a story short I am now a qualified primary school teacher here in China and currently work 7 days a week (through choice and love of the work). I also play badminton and train daily at 5.00am, specifically Tacfit. The early training sessions were my personal answer to, “I can’t find the time to workout”.

When I was younger my true sport’s passion was rugby, which I undertook with vigor. The need, however, for prescription glasses ended that pursuit and I drifted down the well trodden path of body building routines (with the occasional nod at cardio).

Fast forwarding 20-odd years through 6-pack/bicep workouts, infrequent jogs and poor nutrition, I entered the year 2011 in a poor state. This self-induced health slumber was knocked out of me (literally) when I collapsed in a shopping centre. It turned out to be the best day of my life.

After revisiting the type of workouts that I previously knew, I began to understand it was just not enough to keep me motivated. I have absolutely nothing against body building but began to understand that it was not my personal driving force. For me the goal of physique was not enough. There had to be more to it but although I was entering middle age I was ignorant to what I deem true health and fitness. I dived into the fitness ocean and absorbed everything that I could to fulfill the need for what I would call motivational and meaningful training. I studied the works of Pavel Tsatsouline, Ross Enamait (both great men with unique approaches) and also briefly followed Convict Conditioning. It was then that I discovered an interesting man called Scott Sonnon. The more I read about his fitness approach through Facebook and his blog the more I knew that this was for me, especially Tacfit.

My wading through the fitness ocean ceased and my study of Tacfit commenced. It was here that I was introduced to Tacfit Fire Fighter, which I undertook in Spring of this year.

My journey through Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm has just been AMAZING. I loved it so much that I extended the program from 3 months to nearly 6 months! Personal development was beyond my wildest dreams and went past just the physical but into the mental and emotional aspects that many (if any) other programs do not address. Tacfit taught me how to recover from high intensity training AND stress. This is one of the most valuable assets to this superb system.

My vocation has nowhere near the stress levels of a first responder. Not even close. But there is a modicum of stress within the job. I am now able to process and recover from it way better than before, which will result in healthy career longevity. I also achieved and exceeded my fitness goals (increased energy, strength and better movement) and did it all with zero injuries. Completely safe and effective training and trust me, I pushed myself to my limits. The prehab-stress-recovery strategy of Tacfit is awesome, which makes it a program suitable for most people. If you have stress in your life (and who doesn’t?) this program would be a perfect choice.

I have learned so much during my Tacfit journey and will continue to learn more as I progress. The big thing is consistency. Fitness is not a short-term diet that you stop when you reach your target weight. It is a lifelong commitment. I would probably take it a stage further and say that fitness is not something that is done in the gym. It is something that is done throughout each day of one’s life inclusive of improved movement and nutrition. I have come to believe that ‘fitness’ is a duty so that one can have a better quality of life, which will also impact loved ones, work colleagues and the community. My motto is ‘Just keep showing up’ but the caveat to consistent practice is that it needs to be backed up with an intelligent program. I have found that Tacfit ticks all the boxes, and more. Injury prevention, real life attribute development and balancing out the body with complementary opposite training are just some of the valuable elements.

It is important to be prepared for the life we have chosen to live. It is, however, very easy to train for the wrong life, so spending more time investing in the correct individual fitness approach is paramount. I don’t believe anyone can go wrong with following Tacfit because there is something for everyone. The intelligence that shines through this system is pretty amazing.

If anyone was to ask me for suggestions with regard to achieving personal fitness goals it would be the following:Andy Updog

  • Be patient.
  • Be consistent.
  • Have a fitness program you trust.
  • Learn to leave your ego at the door when you train to let your intuition do its thing.

Many thanks to Tacfit Fire Fighter and I look forward to repeating First Alarm. Love it!”

Check out these links to his training journals:

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Compliance: First Alarm Compliance Scoring

Keep up the great work Andy!


Do you have a story to share about your physical training experience that may inspire other firefighters or fitness enthusiasts? Are you interested in being the next TACFIT Fire Fighter Featured Athlete? Send us an email describing your experience along with some photos and/or videos and we will post it here.

As always,

Stay safe and train hard!

Christian & Ryan