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Add the “Weighted Walking Lunge” to Your Next Firefighter Workout

The TACFIT Fire Fighter Exercise of the Week is the Weighted Walking Lunge. This exercise is a great addition to your firefighter workout to simulate tasks such as deploying a hose line or carrying a hose bundle up stairs.  For those of you that are preparing for the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), this is a great exercise to perform as you prepare for the “Stair Climb” portion of the test.


Occupational Relevance

  • Deploying hose lines.
  • Carrying hose bundles and equipment.
  • Climbing stairs and ladders with weight on your shoulder.
  • The “Stair Climb” portion of the CPAT.


Coaching Cues

  • Select a weight that is manageable for you.
  • Shoulder the weight that you have selected for your training (Hose Bundle, Clubbell, Sandbag, Med Ball, Etc.)
  • Begin with feet between hip and shoulder width apart. Maintain this width as you step forward.
  • Keep your feet facing forward at all times as if you were standing on railroad tracks.
  • Keep your shoulders packed and your core activated to stabilize the weight as you step forward.
  • Maintain mid-foot balance as you drop your back knee.
  • Drive off your front foot, leg, and hip as you bring your back leg forward into the next step.
  • Focus on keeping your head and chest up, and keep your back straight.
  • Perform equal repetitions on right and left side.



firefighter workout | CPAT Prep


Incorporate this exercise into your next Firefighter Workout. Visualize a specific fire ground task as you perform the movement. If you are preparing for the CPAT, get into a steady rhythm in your step. Work up to 3-5 minutes as you prepare for the “Stair Climb” portion of the test.

Check out this video for more detailed instruction and demonstration: