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Now is the Time to Evaluate Your Firefighter Fitness

December is winding down and the New Year is rapidly approaching. This is a time when many of us look back at our fitness goals and achievements for the year. Today we are going to take a look at a few common roadblocks that prevent people from achieving their goals and we will provide some simple suggestions for getting into great shape next year. If you are one of those evaluating your current fitness level, you might be asking yourself:


“Did I achieve the fitness goals that I set for myself last year?”

“Did I perform at the level that I wanted to?”

“Have I developed the physique that I have always dreamed of?”


If the answer to these questions is no, what’s stopping you from getting into great shape? There are a lot of common roadblocks that seem to cause problems for people. We have heard some of our fellow firefighters say the following:


“I don’t have enough time.”

“I can’t afford a gym membership.”

“I don’t have the right equipment.”

“I don’t have enough space to workout.”

“I am not in shape to begin with.”


The list goes on. The key is to address each roadblock that prevents you from achieving your fitness goals. Set yourself up to be successful. Here are a few suggestions addressing the issues listed above:

  • Time: It shouldn’t take 90 minutes to get a great workout. A longer workout does not necessarily lead to better fitness. Try organizing your exercises into a circuit. This is a more efficient way to train and the constant movement will provide a better workout. Incorporate varied intensity training into your schedule. Go hard for 20 minutes during one session and do some easy movement and active recovery during the next.
  • Finances: You don’t have to spend money to be fit. Bodyweight exercise is a fun and effective way to train and it won’t cost you a penny.
  • Equipment: If you are interested in using exercise equipment, go for simple tools such as kettlebells, clubbells, sandbags, med balls, etc. These tools are inexpensive and can be used at home, at the fire station, or on the road.
  • Space: A great workout does not require a lot of space. Bodyweight exercises and exercises incorporating the simple tools listed above can be performed in a very small area. Designate a small space at home or at work that you can use as a workout area.
  • Out of Shape: A lot of people have a hard time just getting going. It may feel like too big an obstacle to get back into shape. Sometimes taking that first step can be the hardest part. Select simple exercises that are not beyond your capabilities. Train with a partner or group of friends that will support you. Be consistent with your training and nutrition and you will be amazed at how quickly you progress.

These may seem like simple solutions, but getting into great shape does not have to be complicated. Check out this simple workout that we had fun with in the TACFIT Fire Fighter Dungeon:


Make the decision to get into great shape next year and go for it! What’s stopping you?



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