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Many fire stations are not equipped with state of the art exercise facilities. It is important that we become proficient with simple exercise tools to help us stay on track with our firefighter fitness when we are on shift, at home, or on the road.

The Sandbag is a tremendous exercise tool for many reasons:

  • It is inexpensive You may choose to make your own or to purchase a commercially made sandbag.
  • It is an “awkward object” The uneven weight distribution creates challenges unique to this tool.
  • It is scalable Weight may be added or removed depending on goals and baseline fitness level.
  • It requires little space The sandbag requires little space to store and use.
  • It is versatile There are many exercises that may be performed with this one simple tool.
  • It is specific to firefighting Lifting and training with a sandbag is similar to lifting hose bundles and a variety of other objects that firefighters are called upon to lift and carry.


Check out this great article written by Mark De Grasse, Editor of My Mad Methods Magazine: How to Buy a Sandbag: Read Before You Start Training!


Train hard and stay safe!





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