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What is the World’s Most Portable Gym?


How do you get a quality workout when you don’t always have time to get to the gym?

What if you can’t afford a monthly gym membership or the cost of outfitting your own home gym?

What if you are traveling and faced with inadequate hotel gyms?

What if the logistics of packing and transporting your own equipment is simply not worth the effort?


You Are The World’s Most Portable Gym


Body-weight exercise is:

  • Time and space efficient
  • Free
  • No special equipment required
  • You always have 24/7 access no matter where you are
  • Infinitely flexible and scalable to meet your needs


I wanted to share with you some of my favorite body-weight exercises and provide links to a few different programs that I have used with great success over the years.


Body-weight Jump Squat:

Create Explosive Power, Excellent Conditioning Exercise, Muscle and Strength Builder
Firefighter Training| Trinity SquatFirefighter Training | Squat Jump










Body-weight Pike Press

Build Strength in the Overhead Press, Great Core Activator, Easily Scalable by Elevating Your Feet on a Bench, Chair, or Tailgate of the Fire Engine!
Firefighter Workout | Pike PushupFirefighter Training | Pike Press


There are infinite ways to use body-weight for physical training. When selecting a body-weight exercise program, make sure the exercises are comprehensive and scalable to provide the greatest training effect.

I traveled quite extensively this summer and I relied heavily on body-weight routines. Applying creative solutions to the “hotel gym” workout was not always sufficient and I found myself relying on the three programs I’ve listed below. I have personally used these programs and highly recommend them for training on the road, at home, or at the fire station:

Please click on any of the links below to learn more about the individual programs.


TACFIT FireFighter First Alarm

The moderate strength day found in this program is dedicated to body-weight and uses a “time under tension” protocol. The time challenge as well as the exercise difficulty increases as you progress through the program.

Firefighter Training | Firefighter Workout


TACFIT Commando

A body-weight program designed by Coach Scott Sonnon. This program utilizes a “20/10×8” protocol and the exercise difficulty increases as you progress.


Firefighter Training | Firefighter Exercise



Another program designed by Coach Scott Sonnon and is one of the cornerstones of circular strength training.

Firefighter Training|Firefighter Workout

Firefighter Workout | Firefighter Fitness