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If you have been following us here at TACFIT Fire Fighter, you know that we find Clubbells to be a tremendous training tool for optimizing firefighter fitness. The exercises that may be incorporated into your training are too numerous to count. These exercises range from very simple to quite complex. The tool itself is inexpensive, and very little space is required to perform comprehensive firefighter workouts.

The “Clubbell Trial by Fire” is a great introduction to Clubbell Training. This simple yet challenging exercise protocol requires movement through all planes of motion and will put your strength and conditioning to the test. The Trial by Fire is made up of three exercises:

1. The Double Clubbell Swipe – 100 repetitions

2. The Single Clubbell Mill – 100 repetitions each arm

3. The Two-Handed Clubbell Hammer Swing – 50 repetitions each direction

*The goal is to perform all repetitions with proper technique in less than 20 minutes.


Scott Sonnon has created a 3-month training progression for those looking to improve performance in the Trial by Fire.  The steps are as follows:

A. Dissect simple components
B. Train simple components
C. Combine compound movements
D. Train compound movements
E. Refine complex movements
F. Train complex movements
G. Train Trial by Fire event

Click Here for Full 3 Month Progression

Click Here for Trial by Fire Training Progression Video


We have had a blast with our clubbell training over the years. Check out a few of our Clubbell Training videos below:

Clubbell Training for Firefighters

Clubbell Full Body Workout

Clubbell Training Montage


If you are interested in clubbell training, we recommend that males start with a pair of 15 lb. clubbells, and females start with a pair of 10 lb. clubbells. You may choose to add heavier clubbells as your strength and conditioning improves. We do warn you that once you start training with clubbells, you may never look at a treadmill or bench press again.

Train hard and stay safe!




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