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The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and for many firefighters, this means losing track of healthy eating habits. Once we fall off course, it can be a difficult challenge to get back to health first choices. Sometimes, to get back on track, all it takes is to set a short term goal and follow a plan to get there. We have always said that there is not one specific nutrition plan that works for everyone, but there are certain guidelines that can benefit most people. Scott Sonnon’s “28 Day Primal Eating Plan” is an incredible resource which does just that, providing sound guidelines to benefit most people.

The “28 Day Primal Eating Plan” provides step by step instructions for cleaner eating and a healthier you. It’s stocked full of information on what to eat, when to eat, what not to eat, and how to eliminate foods from your diet. You may not wish to adopt this plan in its entirety, but we are confident that you will find nutritional information that will help you through the holiday season and beyond.


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