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Summer Huntington has released her new “Clubbell Yoga” program combining strength training and intelligent movement.It is grounded in precision, anatomical alignment and breath.The practice itself is empowering, graceful and challenging.

Clubbells are used to add weight to traditional yoga poses. Clubbells are a unique prop in that the majority of the weight is distributed above the handle, therefore, when held upright, it requires more muscle activation in the shoulder girdle muscles, postural muscles and core to keep it steady. It is different than holding a small dumbbell, where the skeletal structure takes most of the weight. Check out the following links for more information:

Click here for informational video:  About Clubbells & Yoga – Summer Huntington

Click here for the Clubbell Yoga Website

Yoga practice is a great way for firefighters to recover from the rigors of high intensity exercise and occupational training. Adding light clubbells to your yoga practice takes it to another level by activating the stabilizing muscles around your joints and helping you to combine breathing, movement, and structure.



Firefighter Yoga | Firefighter Workout