Firefighter Workout | Firefighter Fitness

Firefighting is a physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding occupation. Firefighters encounter a variety of stressors each shift responding to emergencies, training, etc. This does not take into account recreational activities and physical training that most firefighters participate in off the job. It is critical that we include some form of regular active recovery into our firefighter fitness program to keep our bodies and minds healthy and response ready.

Scott Sonnon has developed a comprehensive joint mobility/active recovery program specifically for emergency responders. He demonstrates a number of simple exercises that address each joint complex to help maintain mobility and relieve tension and stress.

Click here to access Coach Sonnon’s Recuper8 Program

Complete this program each morning for a week and see how you feel.Do you notice that chronic tension has dissipated? Is the nagging pain that has been there for weeks or months gone?

These movements also serve as a tremendous warm-up for firefighter workouts and fire training evolutions. Give it a try and let us know how you feel.