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Here at TACFIT Fire Fighter, we are constantly striving to remove roadblocks that prevent people from meeting their firefighter fitness goals. Don’t have enough time to train? Let’s train more efficiently. Don’t have enough room to train? Let’s perform exercises that require little space. Don’t have access to exercise equipment? Let’s use bodyweight and simple equipment.

Coach Sonnon has provided an instructional video for manufacturing your own “Do-It-Yourself ROPE Suspension Trainer” that will allow you to perform a number of “pulling” and “suspension training” exercises. ┬áThis home made ROPE system is inexpensive, easily accessible, easy to use, and it travels well.

Click here for the Do-It-Yourself ROPE Suspension Trainer

Set this up at your fire station or house, or take it with you on your next vacation. Be sure to let us know how it impacts your training.


Train hard and stay safe!



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