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Dr. John M. Berardi, PH.D. has created the “Precision Nutrition Strategies for Success” guide to provide a systematic approach to optimal nutrition based on his “Triple S Criterion”:

Step 1. Simplicity – Are the guidelines easy to follow?

Step 2. Science – Are the guidelines based on sound scientific principles?

Step 3. Success – Have the guidelines worked for people like you?


Click here for Dr. Berardi’s Precision Nutrition Strategies for Success PDF


The 10 rules for good nutrition listed by Dr. Berardi are as follows:


1.  Eat every 2-3 hours.

2.  Eat complete, lean protein with each meal.

3.  Eat vegetables with each meal.

4.  Eat carbs/starches only after you have exercised.

5.  Learn to love healthy fats.

6.  Ditch the calorie containing drinks.

7.  Focus on whole foods.

8.  Break the rules 10% of the time.

9.  Develop food preparation strategies.

10.  Balance daily food choices with healthy variety.


Dr. Berardi goes into great detail about each of the rules listed above in the Precision Nutrition Strategies for Success PDF linked here.  Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules that apply to everyone equally. More advanced strategies such as intermittent fasting, calorie/carb cycling, and calorie counting work for a lot of people as well. This simple list is a great place to start for those looking to improve their nutrition. Try making just a few of these changes to start. Then make additional changes as you become comfortable with your new eating habits.


Please feel free to share your thoughts with us.  Have you made some lifestyle changes that have made a difference for you? Please share your experience with us.


Thanks and stay safe out there!