Firefighter Fitness | Firefighter Workout


Firefighters are “Tactical Athletes” and it is important that we train to meet the specific occupational demands of our job. The term “Firefighter Fitness” refers to the wide array of physical attributes that are required to perform the duties of a firefighter at a high level while remaining injury free.

The TACFIT programs are developed to provide specific and comprehensive physical training for emergency responders. Coach Scott Sonnon has developed a simple “TACFIT Pre-Qualifier” or “Q” that helps responders to evaluate baseline fitness levels. The workout was carefully designed to incorporate movement through all planes of motion and it allows the athlete to assess current mobility, stability, strength and conditioning.


Please click here for  video, photos, and detailed instructions to perform Coach Sonnon’s TACFIT Q


The TACFIT Q is made up of 6 exercises:

1. Front Step Lunge (right leg step + left leg step = 1 point)

2. Plank Pull Knee (each repetition = 1 point)

3. Sit Thru Knee (right knee through + left knee through = 1 point)

4. Tactical Pushup (each repetition = 1 point)

5. Spinal Rock Knee (each repetition = 1 point)

6. Tripod Vertical (right arm up + left arm up = 1 point)


A reasonable score on the “Q” is 40 points. Perform repetitions at maximum effort with proper technique followed by 10 seconds of recovery. Complete the 20/10 interval 8 times (4 minutes). Record points (repetitions counted as listed above) for each 20 second interval. Recover for 1 minute and then move to the next exercise. Complete all 6 exercises and then add low scores for each exercise to calculate total points for the training session. Perform the exercises in the order listed and be sure to include a good warm-up and cool-down.

Please take a close look at each exercise technique and make sure you are comfortable with the movement before attempting the workout. Pay close attention to how you feel during each exercise. Where do you feel limitations in mobility? Where do you feel unstable? Do you feel weaker with certain movements? How fatigued are you? This analysis will help you to address weaknesses that you might have. Be sure to incorporate exercises into your training that will help you to shore up any deficits. Perform the TACFIT Q a few weeks later and make note of how you have improved.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Please feel free to post scores in the comments section and send us any questions that you might have.

Train hard and stay safe!