Last week, we introduced you to Part 1 of Scott Sonnon’s “Power Chamber Workout”.  The emphasis in part one was core activation to achieve the basic “Power Chamber/Hollow Body Position” using body weight resistance.  Movement, structure, and breathing were all integrated to help develop motor control and core strength.  This week we are going to build on what you have learned by adding band resisted rotation.


The Power Chamber Workout: Part 2


Day 2: Band Resisted Rotation


Exercise 1 – Core Anti-Pitch (Resisting Back Arch) Control Pause

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Securely tie a resistance band to a pole behind you. Grab a hold of the band at the end in both hands, one hand grabbing the other. Turn and get down on your knees turning away from the band with the band held over- head like a sword, elbows locked TIGHT!

Press your hips forward until fully extended with arms overhead so you can just barely see your hands without tilting your chin up. Keep your head in a neutral position facing forward.

Exhale into the Power Chamber position from Exercise #1 on Day 1 (the Floor V): tuck the tailbone, squeeze the glutes and pelvic floor, contract the corset, suspenders and 6 pack, pull the lats, shoulder blades down, slightly rounding mid-back with flattened lower-back, leaning forward so the band’s resistance starts pulling you backward.

Inhale as you reverse the technique outlined above, relaxing into your starting position. Perform 10 consecutive breathing cycles, with the tightest position on the end of your exhale, your control pause.


Exercise 2 – Core Anti-Yaw (Resisting Waist Twist) Control Pause

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Hook the band in one elbow and cross your arms on your chest, with your hands touching the front of your shoulders, elbows to ribs as best you can. Females come underneath your chest before crossing your arms to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Males, if your shoulders are too tight to place your shoulders to ribs, AVOID using your arms to substitute for this core anti-rotation.

With the elbow hooked side facing the anchor point, side step away from the anchor point of the band until it gets horizontal to the ground with no slack, but isn’t tight. Then rotate your hips and feet away, usually about 45 to 90 degrees wrapping around the upper arm slightly of the hooking elbow. Keep your arm to chest position tight! Keep rotating the entire stance, and adjusting your side step until you find the “sweet spot” where you can just BARELY hold position of your feet while resisting the band pulling your torso twisting in the direction of the band.

Now twist fully shoulders in line with hips and begin the 10 consecutive breath cycles, holding the end position as long as you absolutely can without inhaling, at the control pause.

Slightly unwind to inhale, before you exhale into the anti-rotation posture again. Alternate sides each round, not within the round; stay on one side for the entire 10 breaths.


Exercise 3 – Core Anti-Roll (Resisting Side Bend) Control Pause

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Tie a resistance to an anchor point to the side of you so that the band will be parallel with the Earth when your arms are held overhead. Grab the band with both hands, like in Day 2 Exercise #1 (Core Anti-Pitch), and side step away from the anchor point until the band threatens to pull your overhead arms to the side, with one bicep and shoulder threatening to touch your ear.

Pack both shoulders down, arms locked perpendicular to the ground. Keep side stepping, and side-crunching, until you find the “sweet spot” where you can just BARELY hold position (side crunch) without being pulled off your far foot, and without letting your shoulder blade come out of pack AND without letting your bicep touch your ear, arms locked (exhale tightly and side crunch to use your core and lats).

Exhale into full counter-rotation, anti-side bend, and at your tightest hold the control pause, until you absolutely must inhale, and then relax with an inhale slightly into side bend. Don’t add any extra breaths between repetitions, performing 10 consecutive breath cycles. Alternate sides each round, not within the round; stay on one side the entire 10 breaths.


• Only use maximum of 30 seconds between each exercise transition (from #1 to #2, and #2 to #3) for optimal effect.

• Shake out your body in between exercises and rounds while performing fast, powerful exhalations, like if you’re out in the cold winter and trying to warm yourself (some of us are! LOL!)

• Take a 2 minute break in between. Repeat that circuit of 3 exercises for 10 breath cycles for 4 total rounds.