Tacfit 26 | firefighter workout


We first met Coach Scott Sonnon in 2005 when he walked into our department proposing a tactical fitness competition between local police and firefighters. After a grueling competition, the firefighters won and earned access to Coach Sonnon’s “TACFIT” classes for a year.  We were quite literally test subjects for the original TACFIT 26!  Most of us were fit when we started training  but we found that after a few months of following the TACFIT training protocols, we were able to take our firefighter fitness to a whole new level.  We went on to conduct an informal study in Whatcom County to see if these results could be repeated.

Check out the results here:  Whatcom County Study

The TACFIT 26 program was a huge inspiration for TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm and has had a tremendous impact on the health and fitness of firefighters around the world.  Emergency responders and tactical operators have been using TACFIT programs for years and it has helped them to improve occupational performance and remain injury free.

Coach Sonnon has been fine tuning the TACFIT 26 program and has just released the New Generation TACFIT 26.  This program has been completely updated and is now available at a fraction of the original price!

The New Generation TACFIT 26 is on sale through Monday.  Don’t miss out on this amazing discount price!

Tacfit 26 | firefighter workout