FIRST ALARM Program Compliance Results In Significant Performance Improvements for Team FST!

TEAM FST are the winners of the “2012 TACFIT Fire Fighter 95-Day First Alarm Challenge” with a total compliance score of 8.37 out of 10. The entire team averaged 84% compliance with the program for 95 days. Great work guys!

Compliance with the program was based on daily exercise and nutrition on a 10 point scale. Performing the workout as prescribed for the day resulted in 4 points. Training outside of the prescribed intensity resulted in a loss of 2 points. Missing the workout entirely resulted in 0 exercise points. Eating healthy, well balanced meals for the day was worth 6 points. Eating unhealthy meals, drinking alcoholic or high sugar beverages, eating unhealthy desserts, etc. resulted in the loss of one point. A perfect day was worth 10 points. The lowest score for any one day was 0 points.


Each athlete participated in the TACFIT Fire Fighter High Intensity Test before beginning the 95-Day  First Alarm Challenge.


Each athlete was asked to record their average heart rate for the workout, the skill level that was performed, and the number of rounds completed (20 being the highest possible score).


  • Each team member completed all 20 rounds before and after completing the First Alarm program
  • Each team member performed the test at a higher skill level after completing the First Alarm program.
  • The average heart rate for each athlete dropped by 6-8 bpm at a higher level of training complexity.


An individual must demonstrate improvements in muscular strength/endurance, power, metabolic conditioning and mobility to perform the more advanced exercises with proper technique.  These athletes were able to improve their performance while decreasing their metabolic demand.


                 High Intensity Pre-Test    High Intensity Post-Test     Improvement


Mike 144 bpm Proby 20 136 bpm Firefighter 20 -8 bpm +1
Matt 138 bpm Proby 20 132 bpm Smoke Eater 20 -6 bpm +2
Julie 140 bpm Recruit 20 132 bpm Proby 20 -8 bpm +1
Johanna 128 bpm Recruit 20 120 bpm Proby 20 -8 bpm +1
Bob 140 bpm Recruit 20 132 bpm Proby 20 -8 bpm  +1








 Members of team FST had this to say:

Team FST trained out of FUNSTRENGTH gym in Wixom, Michigan.  (  As a team we decided at a minimum to train together for the hi intensity days – which in itself was a commitment with all the busy schedules we keep.  The program was very easy to follow but not at all simple.  It was very well laid out and worth the investment.  This definitely was another outstanding TACFIT product.  The levels of progression and regression provided were extremely adaptable to all team members.  The basic level proved challenging and for those who wanted more of a challenge well that was available also.  The compensations and joint mobility on the no and low intensity days provided a great foundation for rest and recovery to be ready for the next hi intensity in queue.  In order to achieve the high compliance scores we all had to make changes to our dietary habits – as 60% of daily points are based on the diet.  Team member comments on completion of TFFF challenge –

“TUT (time under tension) moderate days set up the hi intensity days nicely and the compensation movements helped immensely in unloading of the trained movements.  I was able to progress based on the layout of the 4 day wave.  Enjoyed the program very much” – Matt Switney

“ TFFF forced me to be intentional with compensation and joint mobility.  I liked having a schedule to follow and working out with team members was FUN – keeps up the motivation – I can do a pull-up now! Maybe 2J” – Julie Chiavazza

“My legs took on a new shape” –  Johanna Funk

“Forced me to take time for myself – something that falls to the side when you’re focused on always working with others ” – Bob Budai CST/ Tacfit

“Didn’t lose mass but dropped two holes in the belt – coming dangerously close to new smaller wardrobe – enjoyed the way the body felt post low intensity (yoga) thru out  the whole program” – Mike Panganis

Over the course of the 95 day challenge we all increased the level of sophistication of movement along with decreasing maximum heartrate – a very successful challenge.

We would like to thank TACFIT Fire Fighter for a very well laid out program.  We enjoyed the disks showing the movements when we needed to bump up a level – a great resource.


Team FST will receive special edition “TACFIT Fire Fighter Smoke Eater” t-shirts for each team member and a full size “First Alarm” poster for their training facility. Great work guys!



If you are interested in starting a “First Alarm Challenge” in your own department or gym, please contact us HERE.


Train hard and stay safe!



Christian and Ryan