Firefighter Workouts | Primal Stress


Have you completed all 23 cycles of TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm and you are looking for another great program designed for emergency responders? Maybe you are just looking to try something different. Scott Sonnon has finally released his Primal Stress: Revive, Survive and Thrive Program.  Coach Sonnon has dedicated himself to improving the health and performance of firefighters, police officers, military personnel and other emergency responders that tend to sacrifice their own health and well being in the effort to serve others. He is making the program available at a discount price over the next few days.


Firefighter Workouts | Primal Stress


The Primal Stress Package includes:


Firefighter Workouts | Primal StressPrimal Stress: Revive-Survive-Thrive Book

Coach Sonnon provides information about common sources of pain and movement limitation that people live with for years. He will provide proven strategies to help you eliminate pain, reduce stress and improve performance.




Firefighter Workouts | Primal StressRevive Flow Videos

You can pinpoint your problems with a laser, or you can use a proven, organically-produced prehabilitation program which will not only free you from potential aches and pains of exercise, but also from the stressors of your other recreational activities and occupational responsibilities.




Firefighter Workouts | Primal StressFlow Physique Videos

Flow Physique is the most complete body weight fitness system ever released by RMAX, involving each of the most effective energy systems for primal power and grace. Flow Physique utilizes the entire “Metabolic Wave” which has been proven to improve strength, endurance, stamina, and lean muscle mass better than other conventional physical training methods.



Firefighter Workouts | Primal StressThrive Flow Videos

To Thrive, you must concentrate on your total movement, not your individual muscles, and move the body as a system rather than in segments. In this elegantly designed course of 6 micro-flows, you will address the primary (myofascial) “lines” of movement.



Firefighter Workouts | Primal StressStep By Step Training Calendar and Journal

The 6 training protocols are carefully scheduled and your training objectives are clearly outlined for each day.





Firefighter Workouts | Primal StressResilience Breathing Video

What you will learn in this video cannot be described as a singular technique, as it involves a series of techniques strung together to produce a synergistic effect. They address the challenge of reclaiming breath from involuntary reflex shutting down our primitive reflexes, and by restoring conscious breathing.




There are many bonus materials (books and videos) included with the program as well.

If you have been dealing with chronic pain and performance limitations, or if you are interested in taking a look at another comprehensive physical training program designed for emergency responders, then this program is definitely worth checking out:

Firefighter Workouts | Primal Stress

Firefighter Workouts | Primal Stress



If you have not completed First Alarm, but would like to do so before digging into the Primal Stress Program, please use the link to your left.