The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is The Tadpole. The Tadpole is the Firefighter Level Sprawl in the TACFIT Firefighter: First Alarm program. The Tadpole requires mobility through the hips to generate strength and move dynamically through a full range of motion.

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Coaching Cues

  • This exercise begins with the flat foot squat.
  • Place palms on the ground with your back straight and shoulders packed.
  • Extend your legs back in a wide sweeping motion maintaining heel contact with the ground at all times.
  • Keep your shoulders packed, elbows tucked in and core activated as you sweep your legs back.
  • Return to the flat foot squat before standing.
  • Complete repetitions as quickly as possible without sacrificing proper technique.



Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Engaging the ground before achieving a flat foot squat.
  • Losing shoulder pack and/or core activation as you extend your legs.
  • Bringing your heels off of the ground as you sweep your legs back.
  • Standing without confirming the flat foot squat position.



Instructional Video: