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This week we have a special Firefighter Workout installment. Scott Sonnon has created a comprehensive and specific joint mobility/active recovery program for tactical responders. This program may be used daily to improve joint mobility and health, or it may be used specifically as a warm-up for physical activity. Recovery from stress (mental/physical/emotional) is the single most important aspect of long term health and peak performance for firefighters. The “RECUPER8” program can be incorporated into any regular exercise program. Please take advantage of this free gift:


“In honor of our tactical first responders, for all you have given to us, and sacrificed for us, we wanted to give back to you. In the past few years of teaching for the federal government, I discovered a consistent, universal list of painsĀ and injuries which not only prevented you from accessing exercise, but adversely impacted your readiness, and more importantly, diminished your quality of life.

This course evolved organically from creating solutions which would allow restructuring to happen and return you to pain-free, injury-recovered status.

I consider it an honor to give you this for free, because while you’ve been busy actually protecting and saving lives, I’ve been researching how to protect and save yours from the dire circumstances of your job. It would have been impossible for you to do both, so for all you do for us, let us do something for you for once.”

Scott Sonnon