The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is the “Spiderman Crawl.”  The Spiderman crawl is a comprehensive and dynamic body weight movement that develops core strength and movement efficiency for ground engagement. It requires no equipment, very little space, and  is an excellent exercise to include in your firefighter workout to increase flexibility, open the hips, increase strength & power through a new range of motion, and develop the movement patterns to safely and efficiently operate from the ground.



Firefighters must be prepared to enter into hostile environments and operate from the ground, whether it be to advance a hose line to the seat of the fire or perform a search for victims. The heat, the physical exertion of operating with protective gear and equipment, the environmental stress, and the simple act of getting low to the ground and being able to move safely and efficiently must be accounted for and trained for prior to an event.  Give the Spiderman crawl a try and let us know what you think.




Coaching Cues

  • Reach as far as you can with the lead arm
  • Maintain shoulder pack as you reach
  • Bring the opposite foot as close to the planted lead hand as possible
  • Keep your hips low to the ground
  • Coordinate your breathing with the movement (Inhale as you reach, exhale as you step)
  • Maintain core activation throughout


Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • A short reach with a bent elbow (much less efficient)
  • Losing shoulder pack as you reach with the lead arm
  • Stepping short with the opposite foot
  • Allowing hips to come up to a “pike position”
  • Breathing is not in “rhythm” with the movement
  • Loss of core activation


Check out the instructional video: