The Firefighter Workout Exercise of the Week is “Plow.” This is one of the compensatory movements that we use quite a bit to relieve posterior tension. Firefighters often carry tension through the back, glutes and hamstrings due to the protective equipment that we wear and the nature of the work that we do. If left unchecked, this chain of tension can hamper mobility, available strength and power, as well as lead to chronic pain and even injury.

This is a great exercise after your workout, after drill, or in the evening as you are unwinding from your day.  We encourage the use of a prop when you first perform this exercise.  A wall, a yoga block, or even a fire engine can help maintain proper technique as you increase your range of motion.


Coaching Cues

  • Roll back one vertebrae at a time
  • Place your weight onto your shoulder blades
  • Extend your legs up and over your head
  • Inhale into tension as you extend your legs
  • Exhale into position as your lengthen through the spine releasing posterior tension
  • Place your feet against a wall as needed to achieve extension through the legs


Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Placing weight on your head and neck
  • “Forcing” the position, instead of easing into it
  • Holding your breath


Check out the instructional video: