The Firefighter Workout installment this week is the Kettlebell Figure 8. The Figure 8 is a great addition to any firefighter workout and will develop leg drive, hip recruitment, and core activation. These are the same key, structural components required to perform any firefighter related task.

Proper lifting and movement technique is critical in preventing acute injuries and chronic pain. The Kettlebell Figure 8 will develop a proper lifting stance as well as enhance movement patterns to safely and efficiently move while weighted with gear and carrying equipment.

When performing this exercise, think about how it might translate to firefighter tasks such as hose handling, forcible entry, and moving patients.  Drive through your legs, use your hips for power, keep your core activated, back aligned, and shoulders packed.



Coaching Cues

  • Begin in an “athletic position” with knees slightly bent and back straight
  • Use your legs, hips and core to generate power
  • Turn the “horn/handle” of the kettlebell in at a 45 degree angle when passing it through your legs


Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Pitching forward at the waist (especially as fatigue sets in)
  • Excessive rotation at the waist
  • Locking out the legs
  • Using the upper body to generate power instead of the lower body


Check out the instructional video