Assemble Your Team 

  • Assemble a team of 3-5 people to participate in the challenge.
  • Select your team name
  • Elect a Team Captain
  • Send your team roster to (Be sure to include your team name, the Team Captain’s name, and where your team is from).
  • Be sure all team members have read through the First Alarm Training Manual.
  • Watch the instructional and follow along videos to deepen your understanding of the training protocol each day.




Days 1-3:  Pre-Test Cycle

  • April 16th:  Perform the TACFIT Fire Fighter High Intensity Test as a team.   You will find this workout in Cycle 7 (High Intensity Metabolic Conditioning.)  The training protocol is “Each Minute on the Minute.”   Record the score for each team member on the program chart provided in your training manual.  Be sure to post your scores on the forum and facebook page.


  • April 17th:  Complete the TACFIT Fire Fighter Joint Mobility Session.  You will find this workout in each Cycle (No Intensity Joint Mobility).


  • April 18th:  Perform the Cycle 7 Compensatory Movement Session.


  • Use this Pre-Test period to review the First Alarm Training Manual and instructional videos.  Contact us with any questions that may arise.


Days 4-95:  First Alarm

  • April 19th:  Begin Cycle 1, Day 1 Moderate Intensity Strength Training at Recruit Level.  Follow the First Alarm Training Calendar as designed for the entire program.



  • Scoring for the 95-day Fitness Challenge will be based on the TACFIT Fire Fighter Compliance Scoring System.  You will find compliance scoring instructions and calendar in your training manual.
  • You will not track compliance scores for the “Pre-Test Cycle.”  You can practice recording your scores, but formal tracking will not begin until April 19th when you begin the First Alarm Training Program.
  • Team Captains are encouraged to post 8-day averages in the First Alarm forum, as well as our Facebook page.  Please calculate scores to the 100th decimal point.  All participants from around the world are encouraged to ask questions, post training results and support each other through 95 days of physical training.
  • The team with the highest average compliance score for the entire program will be declared the 2012 First Alarm Fitness Challenge Champions!
  • Prizes will include bragging rights of course, special edition “Smoke Eater” t-shirts for each member of the winning team and a TACFIT Fire Fighter: First Alarm Poster for your training area.



Thank you for your dedication to health and fitness.  We can’t wait to hear your success stories as you progress through the program.  Please contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns that you have.

Train hard, train smart and stay safe!


Christian and Ryan