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  • You must include the question you are answering in the subject.
  • You must answer the question in 300 words or less.
  • Submit by 0800 PST on February 29th.


Ryan and I will review every applicant and award 4 free programs to those responses that we feel  capture the spirit of TACFIT Fire Fighter.  We would like you hear your personal stories.  Tell us about challenges that you have faced or successes that you have had.

Winners will be announced on Thursday, March 1st.

Choose one of the questions below, enter the question in the subject line of the form provided, and provide your answer in 300 words or less.


Question #1:

Why do you feel physical fitness is a critical component of firefighter training?


Question #2:

What do you hope to achieve with TACFIT Fire Fighter:  First Alarm?


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