It is our mission to help you reach your firefighter fitness goals. Great care has been taken to provide you with the resources you will need to maximize your progress.

In this program you will find:

  • Instant, on-line access:

The entire program is available instantly, via premium membership to our website.  You will have full access to all training manuals, exercise program charts, performance scoring sheets, nutrition guides, instructional videos, and follow along videos for each day of the program.  The web interface is designed to provide instant access and easy navigation.  Just click play and start training!



  • Bonus DVD set:

You will also receive an 8 DVD set with over 15 hours of HD video.  You can view all program content anywhere that will play your dvd.  Just print your daily exercise program chart on-line, set up your dvd player, and off you go!




  • Training Calendar:

The First Alarm Training Calendar provides the training schedule for the entire program.  First Alarm is comprised of 23 training cycles with 4 days of varied intensity training in each cycle.  This calendar clearly details the training protocol each day for 92 days.





  • Exercise Program Charts:

The exercise program charts for each day include the prescribed   training protocol, specific warm-up and cool-down sequences, and the training exercises that you will perform.  The program chart for each workout can be quickly accessed for printing in your First Alarm Premium Members Area and used as a reference and score sheet for your training each day.



  • Instructional Videos:

First Alarm contains 114 instructional videos for the exercises you will perform in the program.  Each instructional video will demonstrate the proper technique for each exercise and provide coaching cues to help you learn each exercise quickly.  These videos are organized each day in the order you will find them on your exercise program chart.




  • Follow Along Videos:


First Alarm contains a follow along video for each warm up, cool down, and training session in the program.  For each training session there will be a follow along video for recruit, proby, firefighter, smoke eater, and “all” levels.  A total of 59 follow along videos have been provided to guide you through your workout each day.




  • Nutrition Guide:


Proper nutrition is crucial to improving health, performance and body composition.  We provide you with some basic guidelines to improve your firefighter nutrition.  There are different levels of sophistication for nutrition, just as there are for the exercise program.  Maximize your success by following the simple rules we have outlined for you.




  • Compliance Scoring System:


We have developed some simple guidelines to help you optimize your progress through the program.  Points are awarded for following the Training Calendar as it is designed and for eating healthy, well-balanced meals.




  • Compliance Scoring Calendar: 

The Compliance Scoring Calendar will be used along with your Training Calendar to track your progress through the program.  You will record your exercise and nutrition each day using simple guidelines developed to help you be successful in reaching your firefighter fitness goals.


This will all be available to you in less than 7 days!  TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm will launch on March 2nd.

Be sure to check your email tomorrow.  We will be hosting a blog contest through our website.  We want to hear what you have to say about firefighter fitness.  Four submissions will be selected to receive a free edition of TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm.