TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm is our first, in a series of comprehensive fitness programs designed for firefighters, by firefighters.

TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm was developed to fill the void that exists in the fire service today for comprehensive and specific firefighter fitness programming.  We recognize that our physical fitness is a necessity to perform our duties, remain injury free and return home safely.  TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm fills the void by providing you with a specific and comprehensive firefighter fitness program.

TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm is a program developed with you in mind.  We began the design by analyzing your needs as a firefighter.  We scrutinized all of our common tasks; hose handling, ladder work, use of tools, lifting patients, etc.  We then developed exercises to augment this skill set.  In other words, the skills that we perform are the basis for the exercise selection.  Not the other way around.

All too often we find ourselves training for another sport or skill set by adopting and adapting whatever workouts we can find.  Well, no longer, TACIFT Fire Fighter First Alarm is the Fire Fighter’s Workout!

How was TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm Created?

Hey Guys, Ryan Here:

I wanted to tell you a little bit about how Christian and I discovered “TACFIT” and ultimately created “TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm”.

It all started when we met Coach Scott Sonnon in 2005.  Coach Sonnon travels the world teaching tactical fitness to special ops groups, law enforcement officers, military personnel, mixed martial artists and firefighters.  He walked into our fire station 7 years ago proposing a tactical fitness competition between local firefighters and police officers.    Firefighters are generally competitive, but throw in some friendly competition against the cops and you don’t have to ask twice!

Not only did we earn bragging rights against a very fit group of police officers, but we were also introduced to TACFIT.  A few of us immediately adopted this unique approach to physical training and we experienced levels of fitness we had never achieved before.  We were already in pretty good shape, but each of us experienced improved performance through enhanced strength, conditioning, mobility and recovery.  We also noticed that we were gaining lean body mass while dropping body fat.

The knowledge we have gained since then has literally changed our lives.  We feel it is our duty to “pay it forward” as we share this information with firefighters around the world.  It is an honor to have you here and we look forward to you joining our TACFIT Fire Fighter family.

Later today, I will share with you a bit more about my personal TACFIT journey.


Hey guys, Christian here:

Ryan has told you about our introduction to TACFIT and meeting Coach Sonnon, but I wanted to tell you about how TACFIT Fire Fighter was created.

After experiencing incredible improvements in our own fitness levels, Ryan and I immersed ourselves into TACFIT and Circular Strength Training with Coach Sonnon’s mentorship.  We became certified instructors, team leaders, coaches and before we knew it we had worked so hard beside Coach Sonnon that we soon became the first recognized TACFIT Division Chiefs!  A rare honor bestowed by Coach Sonnon recognizing his trust in our ability to create our own TACFIT programs under his banner.

Ryan and I implemented TACFIT into our own department and experienced impressive results with our membership.  Fitness is a priority in our department and our members had experienced success with a number different programs but nothing on the scale of TACFIT.  The energy, commitment, participation, and results were unparalleled.

We were then invited to join Coach Sonnon on a mission to implement TACFIT training into the Federal Law Enforcement Community.  We traveled to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA to demonstrate the benefits of a TACFIT program for this target population.  It was really an eye opening experience for all involved.  Not only did our audience realize the necessity of training program designed to meet their occupational demands, but Ryan and I realized this was exactly what the Fire Service deserved and needed.

That last night in Georgia before our flight back home, we drafted our plan of action to create TACFIT Fire Fighter!!  Almost two years have passed and after a considerable amount of effort and support from our family, friends, and community, we are honored to present to you, TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm.

Later today, I will share with you a bit more about my personal experience with TACFIT.


When will TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm be available?

TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm will be available worldwide on March 2nd.  Mark your calendars because there will be a 30% discount during the 3 day launch period!

Keep an eye on your email over the next couple of weeks.  We will be sending you more information about the program, and there will be an opportunity to win a free edition.

Hopefully, you guys have had a chance to dig in to the TACFIT Fire Fighter Challenge.  That should keep you busy until First Alarm is launched.

Train hard, train smart, and stay safe!



Christian & Ryan

TACFIT Fire Fighter