Firefighters are required to possess many physical attributes to perform at a high level and return home safely after each shift. A comprehensive firefighter fitness program includes strength training, metabolic conditioning/high intensity training, joint mobility and compensatory movement/active recovery.

Many firefighters participate in strength training and metabolic conditioning, but do not give equal time to joint mobility and active recovery.  It might be because they aren’t sure what to do, or it may be because lower intensity exercise is not perceived as challenging enough to be worthwhile.

Keep in mind that strength cannot be fully expressed without mobility and proper recovery.  It is critical that we learn to recover from moderate and high intensity training.  The goal is not to do more work more often.  The key to maximizing firefighter performance is balancing work and recovery.

In this video, Christian uses a kettlebell to demonstrate how developing mobility and embracing recovery will prepare you to build expressible strength through a full range of motion.  Check it out:




This workout was inspired by John Wolf at Wolf Fitness Systems.  Thank you John for leading from the front!