Recovery from occupational stress and moderate or high intensity physical training is the most critical component of comprehensive firefighter fitness and wellness.  Firefighting is a physically demanding job, both in training and emergency response.  Firefighters also tend to focus on higher intensity exercise, leading to increased stress and tension.   This pattern of breaking down our bodies without placing proper priority on recovery will eventually lead to chronic pain and injury.

The foam roll is a great tool to enhance recovery from occupational stress and physical training.  Much of the pain that we feel in our bodies is due to muscle tension.  This tension may be a result of mental and/or physical stress, or it may be a result of specific trauma to the body at some point.  Incorporating the foam roll into your exercise program is a very effective way to release muscle tension and aid recovery.

*Note:  Acute injuries should be addressed by your physician.

In this video, we focus on using the foam roll to relieve tension in the back: