Parallette bars are great for dynamic, body weight strength training, metabolic conditioning, and core strength development.  They are inexpensive, space efficient, and fun to use!

 The secret to grip strength is not found in performing wrist curls or cranking out reps with  grip gadgets, but through proper training of grip confirmation with core activation.  We deploy incremental steps of sophistication to stimulate the body to move through greater ranges of motion using core strength as the primary mover and using our grip as an anchor.


Firefighters work with a variety of  tools and require a confident grip to perform a variety of tasks.  The enhancement of the firefighters grip strength, control and power expression from the core outward is just one of the many benefits of training with parallette bars.


Consider the elbow lever as seen in the video below, we require core strength to elevate the body as well as overall body activation to maintain control.  All of this anchors on a solid grip and planted elbow.  Now consider handling a charged hose line, the technique is the same, deploying grip confirmation with core activation and hip recruitment allow for control and manipulation of the hose line.


Parallette bars are simple to construct, simple to use, and greatly enhance the attributes of the firefighter.


Check out our last post, Parallette Construction, for information on putting your own together and check out the video for some quick demos of some of the exercises we perform.


Happy Training,


Check out the video: