Clubbbell Full Body Workout:

4 Rounds:

  • Front Swing x 20 Repetitions
  • Gamma Cast Squat x 10 Repetitions
  • Clean to Order Squat x 5 Repetitions (Right and Left)
  • Torch Press x 5 Repetitions
  • Shoulder Cast x 5 Repetitions (Right and Left).
  • Flag Press x 5 Repetitions

The goal is to complete 4 rounds in under 20 minutes.

This Clubbell Full Body Workout is one of my favorites for several reasons:

  • It requires one piece of equipment.
  • It requires very little space.
  • It is a full body, multi-joint, multi-planar workout.
  • It combines strength training and metabolic conditioning (at high intensity).
  • It is a lot of fun!

Tempo and Clubbell weight determine the intensity of this workout.  A slower tempo with a lighter Clubbell will enable you to train at moderate intensity.  Step up the tempo with a heavier Clubbell, and you will have no problem getting into your high intensity heart rate zone.


Check out the video: