Many fire departments utilize a firefighter combat course to simulate fire ground tasks.  It may be used for entry level testing, annual fit for duty, or fire service competition.  The best way to train for a firefighter combat course is to run the actual course.  This is not always practical or convenient.  In the coming weeks we will provide tactical training exercises that you can perform at your fire station or local gym.


The “On Target Firefighter Combat Challenge” is comprised of 5 stations:


1.  Stair Climb/Hose Carry

2.  Equipment Hoist

3.  Chopping/Breaching

4.  Charged Hose Drag

5.  Victim Rescue


This week:

Combat Challenge Event:  Chopping/Breaching

  • Warm-Up Exercise:  Shoulder Roll – Forward/Backward
  • Training Exercise:  The Medicine Ball Slam
  • Cool-Down Exercise:  Clasped Hand Shoulder Bridge
Check out this instructional video:
**Note:  If you do not have a medicine ball, you can simulate this exercise with an “Exercise Band Pull” anchored to a high point such as a pull up bar.