TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm is the first in a series of comprehensive tactical fitness programs designed for fire fighters, by fire fighters.  The TACFIT Fire Fighter series will focus on improving the specific attributes necessary for fire fighters to perform at a higher level and get home safely.  After more than a year of refinement and beta testing, First Alarm is nearly ready for release.


What to Expect:


FILLING THE VOID:  Comprehensive Fire Fighter Fitness

Most physical training programs do not meet the needs of the fire fighter based on basic design.  Many programs come from a sportive or body building focus, which is clearly not fire fighter specific.  Other programs may focus on long, slow duration aerobic training, which does not prepare the fire fighter for the intensity and burst/recovery energy demands of the job.  Another omission from many programs is an emphasis on prehab and recovery to help prevent injuries and maintain operational readiness.

The TACFIT Fire Fighter series uses the model of “PREHAB-STRESS-RECOVERY” to improve injury prevention, enhance physical, mental, and emotional attributes, and provide proper recovery.  Many programs focus on mono or bi-planar action on individual joints with high volume single exercises.  TACFIT Fire Fighter utilizes  multi-joint, multi-planar, and multi-modal exercise.  The result is a body that functions as a whole unit with greater mobility and expressible strength through a greater range of motion.


Day 1 Strength –The emphasis for this moderate intensity day is development of core strength, and increasing expressible strength through dynamic body weight movement.

Day 2 Metabolic Conditioning – The exercises have been reverse engineered from movements fire fighters commonly perform in the line of duty.  Six different protocols are used to mimic the variety of work to rest ratios fire fighters encounter while battling a working structure fire.  Each workout is 20 minutes in duration, similar to the working time for the average person wearing an SCBA.

Day 3 Joint Mobility –  Active recovery from moderate and high intensity training.  These movements flush and lubricate the joints, shaving away restrictions and improving joint health.

Day 4 Compensatory Movement – Further aids in recovery, and prepares the body for the next cycle of moderate and high intensity training.  Decompresses the joints and maximizes muscle recovery through low intensity compensatory movements.

The 4 day wave is designed to maximize recovery from high intensity training so you are able to perform at a high level when duty calls and go home safely.


TEAMBUILDING:  The 4 Levels of Sophistication

Recruit: Brand new to TACFIT Fire Fighter.  Building a foundation for tactical fitness.

Proby: Participating in the program for several weeks. Ready to move beyond basic movements.



Fire Fighter: Participating in the program for several months.  Making great gains in mobility, strength, and conditioning.

Smoke Eater: Participating in the program for a year or more.  Reaching an elite level of tactical fitness.

The entire crew can workout together regardless of individual fitness levels.

EFFICIENCY:  Maximize Training Time

Each workout is 20 – 40 minutes in duration depending on the training scheduled for the day.  This includes specific priming and compensatory exercises on the moderate and high intensity days.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The TACFIT Fire Fighter Compliance Scoring System

The First Alarm includes a program compliance scoring system.  Points are awarded for compliance with the training calendar as it is designed, and for eating healthy, well balanced meals most of the time.  Compliance of 70% or above will provide:


*Significant gains in expressible strength.

*The ability to work near max HR, recover quickly, and continue working.

*Improved joint health and range of motion.

*The ability to move the body through a more complete range of motion, achieving “flow state”.

*Increased lean body mass.

*Decreased body fat.

Are you ready to take your fire fighter fitness to the next level?

TACFIT Fire Fighter First Alarm will get you there!


Special thanks to Chief Fields and North Whatcom Fire & Rescue for supporting this effort to improve the health and fitness of fire fighters world wide.