TACFIT Firefighter


Changing and Saving Lives


Firefighter workouts must be designed to improve firefighter fitness while reducing the risk of injury and sudden cardiac death. Our mission is to design specific and comprehensive physical training programs that will optimize occupational performance and prepare us for the challenges we face in the line of duty.

More than 50% of firefighters dying each year in the line of duty are succumbing to a cardiac event. Thousands of firefighters are injured on the job each year, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars. We strive to reduce the risk of injury and death through varied intensity firefighter physical training and Fire Department Health and Wellness programming. We are dedicated to helping firefighters perform at a high level, avoid injury, and return home safely after each shift.


 Firefighter Workouts


Fire Captains Christian Carson and Ryan Provencher created TACFIT Firefighter to provide comprehensive health and fitness programs that augment the occupational training of firefighters.  All of our firefighter fitness programs are based on the principals of Circular Strength Training, providing a holistic and health first approach.  Not all programs are created equal and many of the workouts used by firefighters around the world were developed for sport specific or general physical preparedness.  These programs do not meet the unique needs of the modern day firefighter.

Exercises included in our firefighter fitness programs have been reversed engineered from specific firefighter tasks. These firefighter workouts will develop strength, power, metabolic conditioning, dynamic body movement, and mobility while placing a high priority on recovery and injury prevention.

TACFIT FIREFIGHTER is kindred to TACFIT, a metabolic conditioning program created by Coach Scott Sonnon.  Law Enforcement Agencies, Martial Artists, MMA Fighters, and Elite Military Units around the world have been utilizing TACFIT programs to enhance occupational performance for many years.  We have applied the principles of TACFIT and CST to develop fitness programs specific to firefighters.

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